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HuBMAP Underrepresented/Minority Student Internship Program

Posted on 4 August 2021

The Underrepresented/Minority Student Internship Program provides the opportunity for students to receive mentorship and training from HuBMAP components in summer 2021, in a virtual setting.

Are you looking to learn about cutting edge biology and technology? The HuBMAP Consortium is a diverse, dedicated group of laboratories across the country seeking to create a detailed map the human body, all the way to the level of single cells. If you are part of an underrepresented and/or minority group, and you would like to work with a HuBMAP consortium member this summer, apply to our internship program today! This virtual internship program provides a fantastic opportunity to build connections, add to your experience, and conduct vital research in the single cell community. Our researchers are eager to work with you, and have funding available to provide internships to qualified students.

The Gehlenborg Lab in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School is a group of data scientists and software developers who are passionate about driving biomedical discovery by creating efficient and effective visual interfaces between analysts and data. For the Summer of 2021 we are hoping to recruit a student to work on a project that will make HuBMAP data more accessible to the community, such as:

  • Develop or extend R and/or Python packages to interface with the HuBMAP Portal APIs to enable direct access in RStudio or Jupyter Notebooks
  • Create example visualizations with Vitessce ( that explain single-cell and tissue biology to lay audiences
  • Contribute new visualization types to Vitessce, e.g., interactive statistical graphs or specialized visualizations for HuBMAP data types
  • Projects that make communicating biomedical discoveries from single cell biology easier for lay audiences by exploring different visualizations, design principles etc.

Some previous experience with programming and software engineering will be useful in most projects but is not essential. An interest and experience in data visualization and visual design would be desirable but not required. However we would also welcome students with more extensive background and experience in programming with R, Python or Javascript.

Information on eligibility and the application process available here.