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HuBMAP Data Portal


Based upon new imaging and biomolecular sequencing technologies, multiple national and international efforts are underway to more comprehensively understand human cells. The Human BioMolecular Atlas Program (HuBMAP) is a consortium composed of diverse research teams funded by the National Institutes of Health. HuBMAP is committed to developing the next generation of molecular analysis technologies, computational tools, and to generate foundational tissue maps in order to accelerate the construction of an atlas of the human body for the understanding the relationship between tissue organization and function. HuBMAP values secure, open sharing, and collaboration with other consortia and the wider research community.

The Gehlenborg Lab is creating the public data portal for HuBMAP, and is managing the data curation process. Visualizations under development for the data portal include:

  • Vitessce: A visual integration tool for exploration of spatial single-cell experiments.
  • Viv: A library for web-based visualization of highly multiplexed, high-bit depth, high-resolution imaging data directly from OME-TIFF files and Bio-Formats-compatible Zarr stores.
  • prov-vis: A wrapper 4DN provenance visualization, which takes W3C PROV as input