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Halyos: A patient-facing visual EHR interface for longitudinal risk awareness


We have developed Halyos (, a visual EHR web application that complements the functionality of existing patient portals. Halyos is designed to integrate with existing EHR systems to help patients interpret their health data. The Halyos application utilizes the SMART on FHIR (Substitutable Medical Applications and Reusable Technologies on Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) platform to create an interoperable interface that provides interactive visualizations of clinically validated risk scores and longitudinal data derived from a patient’s clinical measurements. These visualizations allow patients to investigate the relationships between clinical measurements and risk over time. By enabling patients to set hypothetical future values for these clinical measurements, patients can see how changes in their health will impact their risks. Using Halyos, patients are provided with the opportunity to actively improve their health based on increased understanding of longitudinal information available in EHRs and to begin a dialogue with their providers.


S Mataraso, V Socrates, F Lekschas, N Gehlenborg. “Halyos: A patient-facing visual EHR interface for longitudinal risk awareness” bioRxiv 597583 (2019).

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