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Guidelines for reporting single-cell RNA-seq experiments


Single-cell RNA-Sequencing (scRNA-Seq) has undergone major technological advances in recent years, enabling the conception of various organism-level cell atlassing projects. With increasing numbers of datasets being deposited in public archives, there is a need to address the challenges of enabling the reproducibility of such data sets. Here, we describe guidelines for a minimum set of metadata to sufficiently describe scRNA-Seq experiments, ensuring reproducibility of data analyses.


Anja Füllgrabe, Nancy George, Matthew Green, Parisa Nejad, Bruce Aronow, Silvie Korena Fexova, Clay Fischer, Mallory Ann Freeberg, Laura Huerta, Norman Morrison, Richard H. Scheuermann, Deanne Taylor, Nicole Vasilevsky, Laura Clarke, Nils Gehlenborg, Jim Kent, John Marioni, Sarah Teichmann, Alvis Brazma & Irene Papatheodorou . “Guidelines for reporting single-cell RNA-seq experiments” Nature Biotechnology (2020).

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