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UBiT2: a client-side web-application for gene expression data analysis


We present a purely client-side web-application, UBiT2 (User-friendly BioInformatics Tools), that provides installation-free, offline alignment, analysis, and visualization of RNA-sequencing as well as qPCR data. Analysis modules were designed with single cell transcriptomic analysis in mind. Using just a browser, users can perform standard analyses such as quality control, filtering, hierarchical clustering, principal component analysis, differential expression analysis, gene set enrichment testing, and more, all with interactive visualizations and exportable publication-quality figures. We apply UBiT2 to recapitulate findings from single cell RNA-seq and Fluidigm BiomarkTM multiplex RT-qPCR gene expression datasets. UBiT2 is available at with open-source code available at


J Fan, D Fan, K Slowikowski, N Gehlenborg, P Kharchenko. “UBiT2: a client-side web-application for gene expression data analysis” bioRxiv 118992; doi: (2017).

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