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Gehlenborg Lab will present five talks at ISMB 2018

Posted on 5 July 2018

Our lab has five talks at ISMB 2018 in Chicago! Four talks at the BioVis 2018 Meeting and one talk in the BD2K Special Session on Data Visualization.

In the BioVis meeting, Danielle Nguyen will be talking about scaling up the genome browser, a project that she conducted with Peter Kerpedjiev. Theresa Harbig will present our work on visualization of longitudinal cancer genomics data, which is joint work with Sabrina Nusrat and our collaborators in the Knowledge Systems Group at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Fritz Lekschas will be giving an overview of feature-centric visual exploration of genome interaction maps, which is a joint project of the lab with the group of Hanspeter Pfister. Finally, Nils Gehlenborg will be giving an invited talk on “Mining Gems from the Data Visualization Literature”.

Additionally, Nils Gehlenborg will be presenting on “Patients, Genomes, Time: Visualizing Disease Cohorts” in the BD2K Special Session. We will also be demoing our HiGlass genome visualization platform at the BD2K booth during the Saturday & Sunday afternoon coffee breaks!