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New positions! Postdocs, curators, and software engineers wanted now.

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Data visualization to drive discovery.

The Gehlenborg Lab in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School is a group of data scientists and software developers who are passionate about driving biomedical discovery by creating efficient and effective visual interfaces between analysts and data. We focus on the development of visual analysis tools for genomic and other biomedical data to address challenges in basic and applied research. We are particularly interested in applying our approaches in cancer genomics, epigenomics, and chromosome conformation studies.

The most recent results of our work can always be found on bioRxiv, arXiv and on GitHub.

Latest News

IEEE VIS 2019 Best Short Paper Award for Periphery Plots

22 October 2019 | The paper introducing the "periphery plot" technique for contextualizing time-series data has won the inaugural Best Short Paper Award at the IEEE VIS Conference 2019. More ...

Papers, Posters, and Presentations at IEEE VIS 2019

19 October 2019 | Several projects from the lab will be featured in publications, presentations, and posters at IEEE VIS 2019. More ...

HuBMAP Marker Paper Published in Nature

9 October 2019 | The HuBMAP Consortium published a roadmap for building a map of the human body at the cellular and molecular level. More ...

New postdoc, data curator, and software engineering positions open

22 July 2019 | The lab is hiring multiple postdoctoral fellows for single-cell, nucleomics, and cancer epigenomics data visualization, as well as a senior data curator, and a software engineer. More ...

Welcome to Claudia Meyer, Justine Shih, Mark Keller, and Thomas Chan!

10 June 2019 | Four undergraduate summer interns joining the lab in June 2019. More ...