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We are hiring! Postdocs in genomics and visualization wanted now.

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Data visualization to drive discovery.

The Gehlenborg Lab in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School is a group of data scientists and software developers who are passionate about driving biomedical discovery by creating efficient and effective visual interfaces between analysts and data. We focus on the development of visual analysis tools for genomic and other biomedical data to address challenges in basic and applied research. We are particularly interested in applying our approaches in cancer genomics, epigenomics, and chromosome conformation studies.

The most recent results of our work can always be found on the bioRxiv and on GitHub.

Latest News

Danielle Nguyen, Sabrina Nusrat, and Theresa Harbig Joining the Lab

29 January 2018 | Three talented new team members joined the Gehlenborg Lab in January 2018 More ...

Visualizing Genealogies and Multivariate Clinical Data

19 April 2017 | Lineage is a web-based visualization tool for the analysis of clinical data in the context of genealogical graphs. More ...

HiPiler Preprint on the bioRxiv

3 April 2017 | HiPiler is interactive visualization interface for the exploration and visualization of regions-of-interest such as loops in large genome interaction maps. More ...

HiGlass Released and Preprint Posted

31 March 2017 | HiGlass is a web-based exploration tool for Hi-C and other genomic interaction maps that provides multi-scale and comparative visualizations. More ...

UpSetR Preprint Posted

25 March 2017 | UpSetR is an open source R package that employs a scalable matrix-based visualization of sets. More ...